About the Tour: Established in 2007, the SunCoast Ladies Series has provided aspiring competitive golfers a place to hone their skills while chasing their dream of playing at golf's highest level.  The Series was originally established to provide those players who failed to qualify for the LPGA Tour, and those who received an "F" status after LPGA Futures Tour qualifying, a place to stay competitive until they could get into the bigger events.  However, today the Series draws players of all skill levels, those new to the professional ranks as well as those who have solidified themselves in Women's Golf History.  Each year on the SunCoast Ladies Series Money List you will find world-class professionals who have won on the LPGA Tour and other Pro Tours abroad, as well LPGA Major Championship Winners. 

The Tour dynamic is based on value.  Recognized as the most affordable avenue in the United States for players to compete on a full-time basis while preparing for Q-School or other bigger events, the tour prides itself in offering competitive and professionally ran golf tournaments while keeping the entry fees much lower than the industry standard.  If you are a new player entering into the world of professional golf the SunCoast Ladies Series will prove to be an important stepping stone in acheiving your goals.  If you are an established player looking for excellent competition the Series provides you a place to keep your skills sharp and tournament ready.

Message from the Director;
My name is Scott Walker and I am the Director of the SunCoast Ladies Series.
I have fifteen years of experience in Professional Golf Tournament Administration and Management, and at the end of the 2013 season I will have administered nearly 600 multi-day professional golf tournaments.  To date, I have administered 187 professional tournaments under the SunCoast brand name.  My resume and experience speaks for my ability to successfully manage and operate a Professional Mini-tour, but what has made the SunCoast Ladies Series the success story that it has become is the continued support of the players who partcipate week after week, year after year, from the LPGA Tour veterans to those new to the professional scene.  I understand that the SunCoast Ladies Series is not a "final destination" for players, but it is merely a "stepping stone" toward acheiving their career goals.  Moving forward I will continue to operate with the same philosophy and approach that I did way back in 1998, give the player the best tournament experience possible while maintaining affordability for the player.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you playing on the SunCoast Ladies Tour.

Director experience:  1998-2001 - Owner of the Hurricane Tour (Men), 2001-2007 - Director for the NGA Hooters Professional Golf Tour (Florida, California, Senior, and Women's Tour operations), 2007 - present - Owner/Director of the SunCoast Ladies Series.
Withdrawal Policy: Player's are permitted to withdraw without penalty prior to 12 noon Friday before tournament week.  Afterwards, players will receive a refund minus $80 to cover the first two rounds of course cost guaranteed to the course.

Once pairings are posted (within 48 hours of first round), players are committed to the event (regardless of reason, illness, or injury) and will not receive refunds, nor will they be eligible to apply their fee to a future event.

Players taken from the alternate list of an LPGA or SYMETRA Tour event will receive a refund without penalty.  Refunds will be credited once the player has been verified in the event. 

Member withdrawals should be processed through their Player's Club account.  Withdrawal will be authorized based on the withdrawal policy above.  Members do not need to call or email the tour to withdraw from events.  It must be done through your Players Club Account.
Operation: The tour operates between 23-27 events annually.  The season starts in January and finishes up in November.
Membership: 2014 Membership Fee:  $550

Membership advantages are; Reduced entry fees, Eligibility for the Member only Winter Championship, and eligibility for the member only Q-School Bonus Race.

*Membership is not required.  Players have the option to compete as non-members*

Entry Fees: Professionals:  Member - $385 / ($399 online)     Non-Member - $515 / ($525 online)

Amateurs:  Members - $185 / ($195 online)         Non-Member - $315 / ($325 online)
Q-School Bonus Race: (Member's Only) Member's are eligible for Q-School remibursement through performance.  The Q-School Prep Series will consist of four events scheduled before stage one of LPGA Tour Q School:  The top 5 points leaders (member professionals) in these events will be given a $1500 Q-School bonus.
Player's Club: Each member will be issued a Players Club ID.  Your Player's Club is where you will manage your entry and withdrawal transactions.  Players do not need to contact the tour to enter or withdraw from events.
Player's Club Premium: A game improvement tool, Player's Club Premium is a service offered by Blue Golf for player's looking for more in depth tracking and analysis of statistical data. ($30 annual fee required)
Field Sizes: Field Sizes are determined by the number of players who have registered prior to the entry deadline dates.  The tour will take up to 120 players per event provided they enter by the deadline dates.  Once the deadline date has passed, the field size will be determined by the number of players registered plus an additional start time or two, to facilitate a few late entries if the host course will allow.  If there are fewer than 10 competitors registered, the tour reserves the right to cancel the event.  If an event is cancelled due to lack of participation, competitors will be refunded their entry fees in full. 

How to enter: Players are required to submit their entry fee in full prior to the established event deadline dates.  Players have the option of mailing in their entry with check or money order, or players have the convenient option of registering online using major credit cards.  A 3.5% transaction fee is applied to all credit card transaction.
Prize Purse: The professional purse for each event is directly attributable to the number of professionals in the event.  For example, if there are 50 players in the field (30 pro, 20 am) the purse and payout percentage is based on the 30 pros in the field. Amateurs are competing for experience only.  30% of the professional field will get paid.
Getting Paid: Members who have a bank account in the United States will have their earnings directly deposited within 1-2 business days after event completion.  Non-Members can elect to have their earnings directly deposited but it will take up to 7 business days to have account information verified.  Players who do not have a bank account in the U.S. will be issued checks.  Checks will be written within 48 hrs of event completion.
Members only Events: Member's only events will have a 36-hole cut to the top 40% and ties. All professionals making the cut will get paid.
72-Hole Events Occasionally, the tour will schedule a 72-hole event.  Entry Fees for 72-hole events are TBD.
Reduction of Rounds: All 54-Hole events will not have a cut unless there is more than 60 Players registered.  In this scenario, 50% of the field will make the cut with 30% of the original pro field getting paid.

72-Hole events - unless otherwise noted, all 72-hole events will have a 54-hole cut to 50% of the field.  30% of the original pro field will get paid.

Member's only events - all member only events will have a 36 hole cut to low 40%.  All pro players making the cut will get paid.

Inclement weather policy: Tour officials reserve the right to assert a 36 hole cut for any 54-hole event in which inclement weather threatens cancellation of rounds.  The cut will only be implemented to give the tour the best chance of completing 54 holes, rather than reverting back to 36 holes to declare the tournament offical.  In this scenario the cut will be made to scores within 2 shots of the last place check.

18 Holes constitutes a stipulated round.  Completion of 36 holes deems an offical tournament.  Play will not be carried over beyond the final day of scheduled play unless it is to complete 36 Holes.
Transportation: Player's will utilize carts during play.  Only 2 carts per pairing will be permitted.  Players MUST ride from teeing ground to fairway, and from green to next tee.  A breach resulting in undue delay of play will result in penalty.
Caddies: Players are permitted to have caddies.  Caddies will NOT be permitted ride during play of the hole.  Riding in bewteen holes is permitted provided in doing so there is no intrusion of another competitors personal space (this means a fellow competitor should not experience any discomfort of self or personal space to facilitate a caddie riding in the cart).   EXCEPTION:  On par 4's & par 5's; players may walk from their approach shot to the green.  If a player chooses to walk to the green, their caddie may move their cart green side.
Spectators: Spectators are encouraged and welcomed at all of our events.  However, host course policy regarding spectators takes precedent over the Tour's.  Please contact host club to inquire about spectators.  Spectators may be eligible to rent carts to follow.  In this case, spectators are subject to cart rental fees.
Yardage Measuring Devices: Unless otherwise noted, Lasers, GPS, and the like are permitted for use during play.  Devices that measure slope and gradient may not be used unless these functions can be truned off.